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papersoflight's Journal

Gigi 6.0
So yeah, I write fic. I also write fairly boring bits about my life.
My fic is often x-rated. My life is not.

I am open to friends of all types. Add me and I'll add you back, no comments needed.

I'm open to acting as a beta for any fandom I'm familiar with (which isn't restricted to those listed in my interest- those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my noodle).


Made a Challenge Community for my new fandom: psych_flashfic.
Go Join.

I contribute to psychnews.
Go Join.

I play Henry Spencer (Psych), Noah Nicholson (Noah's Arc) and Audrey Ramirez (Disney's Atlantis) at newdawn_rpg.
Go Watch and then Join.

I also play Henry Spencer at psych_thegame and psych_rpg.
Go Watch and then Join.

Just joined the Psych Fanlisting.
You might wanna go join there, yourself.


The Writing Thing
Why I write- because I can't not write- because when I don't, all the imagination backs up on me and then it gets dark and nasty. Because it keeps me somewhere close to sane.

And, because sometimes you need total strangers to read your quirky little fantasies and say they are okay or even kind of neat so you can be okay with living the life you've built- even if it is a good life, even if it's the life you wanted and one you'd never trade.

The Veggie Thing
So, I'm a vegetarian because- well, meat is murder and all, but also it's about living a healthier life, an unselfish life, a greener life. I'm of the opinion that we all should be doing something to reduce our impact on the world and it takes a whole lot more energy and time to raise, slaughter, process and transfer a cow than it does the equal amount of protein and other nutrients in soy beans.

The Detective Thing
List of Way Cool Detectives I've Loved over the years:

Encyclopedia Brown
Hercule Poirot
Mike Hammer
Sherlock Holmes (and Watson)
Sam Spade
The Scooby Gang (But not Scrappy or Scooby Dum- please!)
Phillip Marlow
Dave Brandstetter
John Munch
Carl Kolchak
Dirk Gently
Spencer (and Hawk)
Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones
Benton Fraser and the Rays (Vecchio and Kowalski)
Laura Holt and Remington Steele
Cagney and Lacey
Lt. Michael Torello (Crime Story)
Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster


Standard Disclaimer: I don't own any of the fictional characters or universes I write in. Neither do I make any profit from my writing.